About the Phlox

“Phlox— Any of various North American plants of the genus Phlox, having opposite leaves and a salverform corolla.”

This is the rather dry description (plagiarized from a dictionary) which the Snottor offered up. I, Phlox, however, feel the need, (perhaps in the interest of vanity), to add several things about myself.

First, that I am a young student, if that provides any illumination to the reader (and will perhaps encourage them to forgive me my faults?); second, that I am very fond of reading, writing, taking walks, and loving my puppy.

I shall also, seizing gleefully upon this moment of free space which is offered me, take the moment to blab that the Snottor may not in fact be as enigmatic as he tries to be, as there is some little known about him after all. After extensive research, I, Phlox, have come to suspect that the Snottor may have something of the Anglo Saxons in his history. I offer no more.