October : Tonks and Halloween

In a world where a person can, for under twenty dollars, buy a pretty awesome pink wig on Amazon, the arts of roleplay and custom-making get even funner. I scoured the internet for pictures of people’s Tonks costumes, inspired to make my own, and the results were rather disappointing. Some were really good, don’t get me wrong—but none exactly what I was thinking she’d wear. The shirt opportunities for her are also disappointing—I wasn’t able to find any good “The Weird Sisters” band t-shirt designs anywhere. 

So, here we go! I hit a local huge chain crafts-supplies stores for one of their $4 plain colored t-shirts, and got myself a pair of good fabric markers. I doodled out ideas a couple times on paper to get the general shape and ended up free-handing it—now, I’m no artist, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. Tonks is a fun character and I sure had a lot of fun with this—she remains my favorite dress-up.