The Snottor’s current patronee author, in the midst of the second draft she has sent him to upload on his illustrious blog, has been struck with a third draft. The themes she thought were her themes were not actually the themes. It turns out (so she babbles to the dubious Snottor), the book was really about something else all the time, and it has recently revealed itself (she adds something concerning and incoherent about “The Muses”) to her. The Snottor does not know when the next regular update from his unfortunate authoress will come–however, he can assure the reader (as much as one can be assured, from such a type) that she really is working on it, and is going back to her beginning for another revision to try to strike truer towards what the book is trying to say.

The beloved readers’ feedback, she wishes to add, has been invaluable. The beloved Common blue violet (who might also know himself as the GUJ) in particular has provided the authoress with such troves of invaluable feedback that she really must revise her novel all the way over again from the start to do the insights she has gleaned as better a justice as she can manage.

The Snottor, sighing, thanks the beloved reader for their patience with his patronee. She is a very willful, young flower, he has found, and does not do everything perfectly on schedule. The next update the reader will receive shall be a reworked, third draft.


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