September : My Wallet (Part One)

Now what you probably expected here was a sewing project. Right? I mean, I’ve sewn clothes, why not wallets too? I have sewn some, actually. But this isn’t about them.

When I was eleven my mother bought me my first (and current) wallet at a toy store. It was bright green, very durable, and covered with bugs. It went to Japan with me, it goes to classes with me, driving, paying for lunch, whatever I have to do. Still have it.

My mother thinks my wallet is the goofiest, most bizarre thing. I still don’t entirely understand this; it doesn’t seem goofy to me. Everything in it makes sense.

It is full of the faces of the people I admire most as reminders, a Shakespearean insult, wonderful quotes, found poetry from Lord Alfred Tennyson, and a fortune cookie message. It makes perfect sense to me! What better place to stash special things than something small you carry around with you most of the time? 

The only problem with this wonderful system is that I stuff too many things in my convenient see-through slot for the wallet to do its damn job—I can’t even fit my ID card in anymore. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the items it exhibits:

For the scoop on the faces, tune in later this month! 

Do you have anything special in your wallet? 


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