June : Rocky Pictures (Part Two)

Welcome to part two! Tired of dog paintings yet? I hope not!

The first is another of the beloved Rocky, done in watercolor and graphite, as a card for a dear teacher who also has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The second is the imposter in this line-up—a watermelon-loving hedgehog, for my hedgehog-adoring brother. It occupies a place, in fact, in his stuffed-to-the-gills hedgehog shrine which, believe it or not, includes everything down to hedgehog luggage tags, socks, and a painting done by a hedgehog complete with pieces of bedding and poo. Done in watercolor and graphite as well. 

Have you ever tried painting animals? It’s actually really easy, and there are a lot of simple, quick classes available on the internet. I am an extreme amateur myself and you can see I’ve done it, which leaves you with no excuse….


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