July : Skirt (Part Two)

An Ode to Pockets

The pocket an article that, in women’s clothes, is sadly—tragically, in fact—disregarded. It takes only a casual, unsuspecting stroll through Target to discover this awful fact. Pop on a pair of jeans, maybe you like them—but try to tuck in your wallet, a small pen, a bag of peanuts, or even non-chalantly insert your hands—and you will be instantly repulsed.

This is because, dear reader, pockets in women’s clothing are a farce. They do not warn you, apologize for, or advertise this fact, but they are a farce: they’re a downright lie—and because we women (or, in my case, female flowers) own wallets, peanuts, small pens, and hands, we all suffer for it. 

Enter: making your own clothes.

While I am guilty of wearing many clothes not made by myself, from the moment I put this skirt on, the magic of making something for your own utilitarian (not to mention aesthetic) preferences became immediately evident.

The way my mind works is a little scattered—I’m sort of your classic absent-minded professor type, which isn’t necessarily a good thing—the majority of my writing ideas, musings, pieces of stories, thoughts, and a few slim eurekas come from my subconscious and when I’m going about my day, doing entirely other things. Immediately the pockets became invaluable—they easily fit a slim, medium-sized notebook and pen, without even looking like they’re holding anything.

My mother conjectured a small watercolor set and pad would fit too—at the farmer’s market today I found an immediate set of bags at my side to drop change, and, when I was living in college dorms a week this summer for a camp (at the very end of the hall and farthest from the bathroom, I’d add) they were great for toting my toothpaste, brush, and everything else I needed in the mornings.

Pockets are, to put it simply, gorgeously convenient. 

Have a pet peeve (or serious issue—they do abound) with the clothing industry? Or, if you already make your own clothes (or want to and have opinions about it), do you have favorite things you add (or would like to add) to your creations? For me it’s pockets (among other things). 


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