May : Jackie Morris


The Snottor has dirt under all fourteen of his nails, and under his scales where he has them. His garden is so full of flowers and his nose with sneezes (hay-fever, do not be alarmed) that it was quite hard for him to pick only one bloom for exhibition today. He worked on Phlox mightily for more than one post a month, but Phlox countered with the true fact that the scarcity of the gems the Snottor is in the habit of dropping monthly on the world makes them all the more precious. But he digresses.

About this artist:

The Snottor fell in love with Jackie Morris’ illustrations in the coveted The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems, whereupon he was able to successfully and passionately track her and her work down online (a helpful tool for the ingenious Snottor).

For the curious (the Snottor recommends that everybody be curious), her highly esteemed blog can be found here:

In addition to keeping a truly lovely blog, the Snottor also approves of her books and, of course, her artwork. Her life in Wales is interesting and inspiring, and the photos she snaps of the simplest walk leave the Snottor breathless with admiration and envy. The Snottor especially likes her paintings of bears, and has even entertained the thought (if it can be believed) of granting her the right to execute a portrait of his illustrious and occasionally enigmatic self. He approves of her homeschooling past, and pet-owning present, which is more than he can say of most people.

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