March : Madalynne


Has spring sprung where you are? The Snottor is sometimes inclined to ask such polite questions. The Snottor, for his part, still has a rainy April before them. The uncertain weather of spring, trying as it is to the naïvely hopeful gardener, is upon us.

As we have all gotten our footing (he hopes), this introduction is rather short. He cares little for such trivial things as introductions, wishing for us to proceed onto the meat of the conversation and save him from his impatience.

About this artist:

Maddie Flanigan is the head of her own lingerie brand, Madalynne. Her website, shop and blog can be found at the following:

Being an aspiring sewer himself, the Snottor first met with her work when a kind relative of Phlox’s sent him a tutorial Maddie had done on the Spoonflower blog:

As the reader can see, this is one talented lady. Her work is beautiful, and her projects and patterns all seem pretty do-able to the humble Snottor. She seems to him to have mastered a sort of art, one of delicate clothing. The Snottor shall endeavor to direct the reader, if they will follow, to this page of her website:  Regardless of everything else to be found (which is quite wonderful), that alone, he thinks, is an inspiring, moving thing to read. He admires her very much, of course for her work, which is very good, but firstly as a person, a person who comes through clearly, he feels, in this page about herself. It is one of his carefully curated indulgences.

For the buyer, sewer, and armchair admirer alike, he hopes her work has something for everyone, although one never can tell. For himself, the Snottor has enjoyed the thought of displaying her lingerie on his admirable body, if a bit stained with dirt from the garden. He is currently investigating her tutorials on Spoonflower.

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