March : Les Miserables (Part One)

“Love partakes of the soul itself. It is of the same nature. Like it, it is a divine spark; like it, it is incorruptible, indivisible, imperishable. It is a point of fire which is within us, which is immortal and infinite, which nothing can limit and which nothing can extinguish. We feel it burn even in the marrow of our bones, and we see it radiate even to the depths of the sky.”

~Victor Hugo, Les Miserables


Les Miserables might be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.


The musical edition of the classic is truly incredible (in my opinion) and deeply moving; I have not yet finished the book and one can’t speak with complete authority until the end, but I can say that where the musical ascended the book soars. Unlike many wonderful books, that are rather escapist and make a person never want to leave, Les Miz, no matter how wonderful it is in the reading, makes one want to go live afterward. It’s pretty amazing, not to mention the deep wells of thought and wisdom it is clear that Victor Hugo is drawing on.

But I digress.

It is enough to say that this great work, in all its forms, has made a deep imprint on me, and like most things that have, I must of course draw up clothes for everybody.


Stay tuned for some writing in part two!


What is the best book you have ever read? You all know already what my answer is.


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