January : Hanneke Cassel

Introduction (also know as, Phlox’s last stand):

This is the Phlox. If the reader is surprised to find the humble flower in the garden of the venerable Snottor, well…it is perhaps a last stand, a last gasp at a word in, before he takes the stage:

As of now, at its commencement, this blog will release two parts every month. The first, as the viewer has already seen, is a sample of the Phlox’s work inevitably inspired by something or other. This is released around the beginning of the month. Now we have, in the middle of the month, the second installment—with the unabashed aim of sending the reader down a rabbit trail. Here in this mid-month post, the Snottor intends to review and recommend an artist, musician, blogger, movie, book, or something else of that sort that he thinks very highly of, for the reader. He is not affiliated with anyone or anything he recommends in any way, being only a humble, admiring Snottor. The Snottor apologizes if the reader does not take as much pleasure from any of his recommendations as he has.

*the Snottor has now found in imperative that he take the stage*

Thus, lengthy preludes aside, here is the first installment from a wise animal (he hopes you all have endured Phlox long enough to reach this pivotal January 15th).

The interfering Phlox is a violist herself (albeit a very negligent one), and the Snottor is very appreciative of folksy/Celtic strings. He unwittingly stumbled upon Hanneke Cassel on Spotify, while listening to Disney/Pixar’s Brave soundtrack. He will be able to offer a more satisfying introduction next time, perhaps, if a certain insignificantly small flower remembers her place.

About this artist:

Hanneke Cassel, with a name almost as admirable as the Snottor’s, is an accomplished and prolific composer, teacher, and performer on the violin. Everything about her can be learned far more eloquently and likely more accurately, the Phlox cuts in, on her website: https://www.hannekecassel.com/about/

Enough of this meddlesome flower, the Snottor declares. He does like the color, but it is becoming rather a weed. He shall have to condemn her to a plot of her own.

The Snottor is often more of an enthusiast of music with words himself—and never, as a rule, listens to anything while gardening, for fear of confusing his trademark wisdom with the lyrics of others—but her beautiful songs continue to transport him. They are all original and beautiful, rich and vibrant with life. She says herself on her website, “Hanneke writes music from personal experiences of love and loss as well as to commemorate the joys and sorrows in the lives of loved ones.” The Snottor can feel this is her music, it has a beauty and depth that makes him want to listen to it forever, and subsequently ignore all his duties vitally important to the world.

The Snottor highly recommends that the reader incline their ear her way. If they do not find themselves sufficiently rewarded, the Snottor is inclined to inform them that they have no soul. However, he will attempt to restrain himself. He particularly has been enjoying her album, “Dot the Dragon’s Eye”.

This month was Shakespeare and music, what could next month be, he wonders? The Snottor will certainly not reveal the developments that will take place in his own garden. However, he will say that Phlox may get her hands a little dirty and her eyes a little dazzled in the lab.

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