About The Snottor

The Snottor is a gardening animal, of the sort (he fancies) that the highly esteemed Victor Hugo would approve of, seeming, at least in his writing, to be fond of passionate gardeners generally.

The Snottor is yet to be pinned down with a scientific name (he disapproves of such things) by any botanist, zoologist, microbiologist, anthropologist, biologist, ecologist, mycologist, or archaeologist (that he knows of).

He confesses to being an animal of pleasure, the main route being through listening incessantly to Mateo Messina’s “Up the Spout” from the Juno Soundtrack with glee. It really plays quite lovelily on the ears.

The Snottor works diligently year-round cultivating a variety of blooms, including opinions, wisdom, pearls, blisters, and phlox.

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