How does one start a blog, the poor apprentice wonders? What does one say? Hello?

Hello. I, the Phlox, have made a bargain with the Snottor, who you will meet sooner than you wanted to. It is this: that half of this blog shall be mine, and half his. It is a very teetering sort of bargain, as the Snottor is not a very conciliatory animal.

We shall see how it will go.

Together we have drawn up the most conciliatory plan of attack we could afford:


  1. Every month to post thrice; once for the Snottor, and twice for my(the Phlox)self.
  2. For the Phlox to post once at the beginning of each month with part one of a paltry project in art or writing for the amusement of the reader, and then again at the end with the second installment.
  3. For the Snottor to post once near the middle of each month concerning a pearl of wisdom from his passionately cultivated garden. As of now, this shall be in reviews and recommendations of something for the reader’s pleasure. The Snottor has a wealth of opinions to distribute.
  4. Aim: as has been stated above, for the amusement and pleasure of the reader.


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