January : Marina Bondas, her Life and Work

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Having seen many ‘19s in his days, The Snottor remains undaunted by this one. Looking back he would say that this ’19 is certainly less glamorous than last century’s, and certainly less tense than the century’s before that.

As we approach the dark-night-of-the-soul month of February, and are firmly in the whole chilly, sniffly, and dim post-holiday season before Spring, The Snottor finds that some good inspiration is in high order. 

About this Artist:

For those further interested, a fabulous article has been written about Bondas, available HERE.

The Phlox in particular finds Marina Bondas’ life and work deeply inspiring; Bondas is a great artist in her own right, a conservatory-trained violinist–but she has done quite a bit more with her art than just make it.

Marina Bondas was born in Kiev, before moving to Germany with her family as a child; the civil unrest and war in Ukraine ironically has helped her reconnect to her mother country, where she now serves and gives freely of herself to connect with her people.

(from Bondas’ Facebook page)

In a war-torn region, there is much that a brave volunteer, worker or citizen might be called to do, and art is low on the list. There is always need in any war or disaster for health providers, people to staff refugee centers, care for orphans and trauma victims, etc. 

Bondas, however, has chosen a different route.

She returns to her homeland, where she performs in refugee centers, private homes, and often for ragtag groups of ordinary civilians she meets along the way. She shares music with people accompanied by the sounds of shelling outside.

Bondas is, in The Snottor’s opinion, the greatest artist alive. War is perhaps one of the most devastating phenomenons of being human; peace is disrupted, safety and predictability are swept away. Loved ones and the future you saw for yourself are lost, not by the forces of the world but to the brutality of other human beings. Art is often the last thing on anyone’s minds.

But art can be one of the greatest tools for humanity; she bravely brings it into the lives of people who need it most, giving them all, and herself, something other than war, something beyond devastation and uncertainty.

(from Bondas’ Facebook page)

She also runs a summer camp in Ukraine to share music with children traumatized by the war many of them no nothing other than. She depends on donations every year to put it on; if you’re at all interested, as The Snottor is (he fishes his coach wildly for spare change), the Phlox has obligingly provided information (from Bondas’ Facebook page) below:

Marina Bondas

September 21, 2018 ·

Dear friends, as my facebook reveals – I have birthday tomorrow. It means a “free wish”.

… What can I wish on such day? I have already everything to feel happy and enjoy the life.

There is only one thing – my baby, which already grew big and united many people to a family. And i want this baby to grow bigger – there is still much to grow!

So… if you want to make me a present, feel free to donate for our project #MUSIK_RETTET.

My biggest wish and a biggest present would be to arrange another summer camps next summer, and to develop our projects in Ukraine.


Ukraine Hilfe Berlin

IBAN: DE68 8306 5408 0104 872215



PayPal: ukraine.hilfe@gmail.com

If you’re still not in love with the project, just watch the videos here:


More info here: www.heartforukraine.com

Facebook: Heart for Ukraine