June : Rocky Pictures(Part One)

In case the reader has not noticed from my allusions to E. B. White and his wonderful dog writing, I not only love dogs, but I (thank goodness!) own one.

Although retaining a somewhat puppy-like appearance (he’s not very into his dog food—veggies and meat are his favorites—he hasn’t porked up too much in middle age) he has matured into a significant couch potato, and serves a wonderful artistic muse.

Painting has, thanks to motherly cultivation, long been a side-outlet for my slightly manic restless energy, and Rocky (my dog) is a lovely model! Below is a sample of some of the works Sir Rocket Peanut has obligingly exhibited his luxurious locks for.

The first in gauche, the frame cardboard.

Second in water-color with ink pen. Stay tuned for the rest later this month!


Are you a dog-lover? Into cats instead? Or are you, like a dear friend of mine, one of those rare and mysterious beings who hates all animals despite a select and seemingly random few?


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