February : kimberly80


This is the Snottor (at last). If you have not had a chance to view his earlier posts, he encourages the reader to make themselves acquainted with his January pearl.

Here we are, the month of valentines, bad weather, and the revenge of the flu. He confesses to there having been questions posed by meddling health departments to the Snottor, concerning his ability to transmit such an influenza to the human race, leaving him too offended to respond.

The Snottor has never thought very highly of this month, considering that he somehow seems to always find himself ill during it, valentines notwithstanding.

For those of you perhaps new around this lovely cultivated spot, this is the second (and undoubtedly most eagerly-awaited) post of the month, wherein the Snottor humbly recommends someone or something he esteems highly to the reader. For February he will move from the pleasure of the ears to that of the eyes.

About this artist:

First of all, for anyone not familiar with deviantart.com, the Snottor highly recommends it. The number of amazing artists is quite pleasantly surprising, as is the variety of the material, something the Snottor gives himself the liberty to explore when not busy artfully weaving mystery around his own etymology (his favorite way to spend his spare-time). kimberly80 is definitely one of his favorite artists he has seen on the sight. Her work is gorgeous, not to mention that she often favors Tolkien’s, an Old English admirer with his priorities in order’s, characters with her skilled hand (what more could one ask for?)! Her work is amazing, achieved entirely by traditional art methods, which is quite impressive. Her page on deviantart can be found via the following link, plucked with care from one of the Snottor’s favorite hedges: https://kimberly80.deviantart.com/gallery/

He particularly loves her paintings “farewell Amarie” and “Glorfindel”. The Snottor advises all to stay well and have a good February. He also advises the use of galoshes to keep out the cold.

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